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M48/60 AVLB (armoured vehicle laying bridge )

avlb lead photo

Like most nations the IDF required some type of bridging vehicle to be able to pass over anti tank obstacles on the battlefield. The primary vehicle chosen is the M48/60 Patton series AVLB (armoured vehicle laying bridge). The IDF used M84 and M60 type vehicles although not the mid production type of the latter launcher on the M48 hull. The IDF has upgraded the standard AVLB along with it's fleet of MaGachim. In recent years the IDF has  developed a modified AVLB in that it carries two 10 meter bridges instead of a single 60' scissors type bridge. Good photos of these vehicles in IDF service are rare the photosa below though give us a good look at them.

The above photo attributed to the IDF spokesmans office is of a M48 AVLB with 60 foot scissors bridge. Note that teh early M48 style AVLB has its launching hydrualic piston located at the rear of the turret ring. Early types in the US had only a 40 foot scissors bridge. The extra sections could be added to the existing 40 foot bridge.

At right one can see how the front plate keeps the hull from following the bridge. MAke note of the six hold downs for spare track on teh front left fender otehr wise this vehicle circa 1980 is little different that its US cousins, although IDF version don't seem to mount crew served weapons.

Below one can see the basic turret ring layout of a M60 AVLB. note the attachment point for the hydrualic arm which is located where the drivers hatch used to be. The AVLB has two crew driver on the left and vehicle commander on teh right seated side by side in the turret ring. The hatches below are the early type.

avlb raised
turret ring layout
late style hatch
The photo above is the latter style viewport ring and hatch